About Me

Hello! My name is Amanda Crognale. I am a wife, new mom, personal trainer, teacher and athlete.

dressMy fitness journey began in January 2015 when I decided that I no longer liked the person I saw in the mirror. As a teenager, I was always used to being the smallest one in my group of friends as I stood 5”4’ tall and weighed 115lbs. I had always lived a fairly active lifestyle and played a number of recreational sports including soccer, baseball and volleyball. I participated in several bikini competitions over the years and did a few modelling gigs as well. Looking good and being healthy was always something that I valued. So, what happened?

As I got older and began dating my now husband, I slowly let myself go and established a number of unhealthy habits. My metabolism also started to slow down which meant that I could no longer wolf down fast food, donuts and pizza without it impacting my weight and body composition. Both my husband and I come from an Italian background which means that food and culture go hand in hand. We spend a lot of our time with family, usually gathered around the kitchen table with foods such as pastas, pizzas, breads, cheeses, deli meats, Italian pastries, oh and don’t forget the wine!


Before I knew it, things had spiraled out of control and I had gained 25lbs. It was becoming harder to fit into my regular day clothes and I really noticed my weight gain when I saw pictures of myself. I remember thinking “Is that really me?”. I was shocked with the physical state that I had achieved.

This is when I decided that I was ready for a serious change and hired a personal trainer. I began working with my personal trainer 3 days a week and worked out independently on my own another 2 days a week. I learned so many things about the world of fitness but also about myself during this time. It was this very experience that inspired me to want to achieve more and made me passionate about health and fitness. The gym became my second home, a place where I could be myself. I enjoyed watching myself transform into a stronger person physically and psychologically. This journey taught me to love myself and to never stop working on becoming the best version of myself possible.

I lost a total of 25 lbs and looked and felt my very best.

Shortly thereafter I started my own personal training business. I successfully became a certified Personal Training Specialist with canfitpro, the largest provider of education in the Canadian fitness industry. I assessed, designed and delivered in-person training programs to clients in their own home. 20160408_214701I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of wonderful clients and have helped them to reach their health and fitness goals. It has been quite a rewarding experience to watch my clients overcome moments of self-doubt and gain confidence.

In the summer of 2016, I got pregnant. Despite having to modify various exercises for health reasons I remained active and continued to exercise on a weekly basis. I worked out my entire pregnancy up until the birth of my son which was at 38.5 weeks pregnant. I gained a total of 51 lbs and am currently working on my post-partum fitness journey. At 16 weeks post-partum, I managed to lose 46 lbs and 18 inches total.

Lastly, if you believe in a dream and have the courage to try, then anything is possible. A healthy lifestyle does not consist of diet or fat burning pills, performance enhancing drugs, waist trainers or any other type of weight-loss hoax. Real results that last long-term require hard work, consistency, patience and dedication. This journey is all about transforming into a healthier and happier you!

My Credentials

  • Personal Training Specialist – Certified with canfitpro
  • Masters of Education in Applied Psychology and Human Development from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto
  • Eat-Clean Foundations Certificate- canfitpro